Vehicle Transport Tips for Car Dealerships

If you own or manage car dealerships, you’ll understand what it takes to move vehicles from one dealership to another. Selling cars is your business, and more often than not you likely have to deal with a vehicle transport company and their driver.

Dealerships, both new and used, have ways of replenishing their inventory outside of trade-ins – when that happens, it is more than likely than a car transport truck will be involved.

Oftentimes we see large auto transport trucks moving shiny new vehicles between dealerships where they will be sold to customers, and we often give them not a second thought – not until we need them, that is. Dealerships have to use carriers on a regular basis, and one of those reasons is to ship a vehicle to someone interstate.

With more and more dealerships offering their cars online, arranging vehicle transportation services for someone who’s bought a vehicle can be one of the most confusing and challenging aspects of the sale.

So how do you find a reliable transportation company, first and foremost, and how can you get them to provide great deals when it comes to transporting those vehicles?

Repeat Business is Important to Car Transport Companies

Most businesses understand the importance of repeat business. With most people replacing their car every 5-7 years, dealers know this and will bend over backwards to be the first to offer a replacement to that vehicle they just sold.

And, they’ll establish loyalty by offering incentives such as free servicing for a period of time.

Vehicle transport companies also get it and dealerships that ship cars frequently and sell them online end up being among their most reliable customers.

Car transport businesses however, operate on very low margins and whilst squeezing a carrier on price give you a sense of satisfaction, you’ll probably suffer in the long run when they’re no longer able to provide the same level of service you initially experienced. Or, worse still, they risk going out of business.

If you find yourself consistently needing to move large numbers of vehicles, between dealerships for example, consider a car transport company that can provide dedicated carriers and establish agreed pricing that provides you with known costs and, more importantly, well-understood service levels.

For dealer-to-dealer vehicle relocations it’s important to find a good company and work with them to achieve the consistency you need.

The One-Off Vehicle Move

There are times when all you need to do is move a single vehicle between a central location (the dealership) and the new owner who may be hundreds of kilometres away.

These types of moves would likely be considered ad-hoc and, while you may have an established relationship with carrier for dealer-to-dealer moves, you might find the terms may not be so favourable for the direct-to-consumer transport.

In this case, you’ll find car transport brokers to be your saviours; able to offer faster pickup services through their network of independent shipping companies and allowing you to get your vehicles to your customers faster and more conveniently.

Finding a broker, especially one that can continue to provide reliable shipping services, can be difficult but that’s where we can help.

We partner with service providers and brokers to bring honest relationships and integrity to the auto transport industry.

When you fill out our free quote form, you’ll get a range of quotes directly from a number of professional companies that will work towards configuring that one-off move you need.

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