Why Vehicle Condition Reports Matter

The Transport Contract and Vehicle Condition Report you sign with your car carrier is a very important document because it is where you agree to the condition of your vehicle before it is transported. 

The agreement is generally a two-part process:

1. Before Leaving Your Vehicle with a Car Transport Company

Before accepting the vehicle, the transport driver or customer service agent:

  • Completes a Transport Contract and Vehicle Condition Report detailing the condition of your vehicle
  • You sign the document acknowledging your agreement with their assessment and some standard Vehicle Transport Service Conditions
  • The condition of your vehicle will be recorded and they will confirm with you that your vehicle contains no unsecured items or personal effects
  • A copy of the documentation is provided to you for safe keeping, or for you to provide to your agent who will be receiving the vehicle on your behalf

Your Vehicle Condition Checks Before Departure

Before leaving your vehicle with the carrier, the following checks will be performed:

2. When Collecting Your Vehicle from the Car Transport Company

When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the driver or customer service agent should have a copy of the original Transport Contract and Vehicle Condition Report.

You, or the recipient of the vehicle will most likely be required to provide identification and sign for the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle prior to handover.

Your Vehicle Condition Checks After Collection

When you collect your vehicle, it is also a good idea to check the following:

The Vehicle Condition Report is extremely important although it should only used to record the physical condition of the vehicle and not be an assessment of mechanical function.

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