Trends in Car Transport – January 28, 2023

The tables below highlight the current demand for car transport along different routes during the week ending January 28, 2023.

Several routes, such as Sydney to Perth, Perth to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, Melbourne to Brisbane, and Perth to Sydney, have seen a decrease in change, indicating a decline in demand or activity on those routes.

Other routes, such as Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane to Melbourne, and Cairns to Launceston, have seen an increase in change, indicating an increase in demand or activity on those routes. Interestingly, the Cairns to Launceston route has seen the highest increase in change at 125%, indicating a significant increase in demand or activity on that route.

The Hobart to Townsville route has seen the highest decrease in change at -45%, indicating a significant decline in demand or activity on that route.

As a logistics manager or fleet controller, the decrease or increase percentage changes are likely to determine which routes they will focus on, where they may increase the frequency of transport, and where they may cut down their operations. Similarly, these increases and decreases in percentage change may also be use to determine how prices should be set going forward.

RouteChange (%)
Sydney to Perth-15.57
Perth to Sydney-1.16
Perth to Melbourne-6.76
Sydney to Melbourne1.08
Sydney to Brisbane-8.20
Melbourne to Brisbane-8.61
Brisbane to Melbourne12.35
Melbourne to Perth-2.10
Melbourne to Sydney15.21
Brisbane to Sydney-2.88

Routes Showing Biggest Increase in % Terms

RouteChange (%)
Cairns to Launceston125.00
Wagga Wagga to Cairns87.50
Darwin to Hobart86.36
Sydney to Hobart77.08
Darwin to Launceston70.00
Wagga Wagga to Adelaide64.58
Cairns to Canberra62.16
Canberra to Hobart58.33
Brisbane to Canberra45.88
Alice Springs to Melbourne38.00

Routes Showing Biggest Decrease in % Terms

RouteChange (%)
Hobart to Townsville-45.00
Alice Springs to Brisbane-38.57
Alice Springs to Canberra-36.84
Launceston to Brisbane-35.00
Hobart to Canberra-34.43
Wagga Wagga to Darwin-33.33
Townsville to Melbourne-30.77
Perth to Launceston-28.82
Wagga Wagga to Sydney-28.21
Townsville to Hobart-25.00