Trends in Car Transport – January 21, 2023

The tables below highlight the current demand for car transport along different routes during the week ending January 21, 2023.

The routes with the highest positive change percentages, such as Perth to Wagga Wagga (36.36%), Brisbane to Townsville (31.62%), Melbourne to Canberra (31.54%), Brisbane to Cairns (28.68%), Sydney to Cairns (28.33%), Sydney to Townsville (26.25%), Canberra to Brisbane (25.83%), Adelaide to Melbourne (20.00%), Cairns to Hobart (20.00%), Hobart to Cairns (19.15%) are showing an increase in demand.

This means that there is a high demand for car transport in these routes, it would be important to make sure that the company has enough trucks available to meet this demand.

On the other hand, the routes with the highest negative change percentages, such as Canberra to Hobart (-41.67%), Launceston to Cairns (-33.33%), Canberra to Alice Springs (-30.63%), Darwin to Launceston (-30.00%), Alice Springs to Perth (-29.89%), Darwin to Hobart (-29.79%), Townsville to Canberra (-28.21%), Adelaide to Cairns (-25.00%), Townsville to Launceston (-24.72%), Wagga Wagga to Perth (-23.26%) are showing a decrease in demand.

If you’re managing the commercials of a car transport company it means that you might adjust the number of trucks and resources accordingly to match the decrease in demand in these routes.

Overall, the change percentages in the table provide important information for the company to plan and schedule trucks effectively to meet the demands, it would be important to keep an eye on the change percentages and make necessary adjustments.

Popular Routes by Volume

RouteChange (%)
Sydney to Perth3.31
Perth to Sydney10.83
Perth to Melbourne10.69
Melbourne to Brisbane0.39
Sydney to Brisbane-0.77
Sydney to Melbourne-3.09
Brisbane to Melbourne0.00
Melbourne to Perth-20.24
Brisbane to Sydney18.43
Brisbane to Perth9.13

Routes Showing Biggest Increase in % Terms

RouteChange (%)
Perth to Wagga Wagga36.36
Brisbane to Townsville31.62
Melbourne to Canberra31.54
Brisbane to Cairns28.68
Sydney to Cairns28.33
Sydney to Townsville26.25
Canberra to Brisbane25.83
Adelaide to Melbourne20.00
Cairns to Hobart20.00
Hobart to Cairns19.15

Routes Showing Biggest Decrease in % Terms

RouteChange (%)
Canberra to Hobart-41.67
Launceston to Cairns-33.33
Canberra to Alice Springs-30.63
Darwin to Launceston-30.00
Alice Springs to Perth-29.89
Darwin to Hobart-29.79
Townsville to Canberra-28.21
Adelaide to Cairns-25.00
Townsville to Launceston-24.72
Wagga Wagga to Perth-23.26