Trends in Car Transport – January 14, 2023

Popular Routes by Volume

In the week ending January 14, 2023, we saw a decrease in demand for car transport between Sydney to Melbourne (8.17%) and Perth to Melbourne (12.78%), while demand for car transport between Sydney to Brisbane (3.59%), Melbourne to Brisbane (5.83%) and Perth to Brisbane (6.81%) increased.

Routes are listed in order of greatest volume of demand.

RouteChange (%)
Sydney to Perth-1.77
Perth to Sydney1.70
Sydney to Brisbane3.59
Sydney to Melbourne-8.17
Melbourne to Brisbane5.83
Perth to Melbourne-12.78
Melbourne to Perth-0.85
Brisbane to Melbourne-8.14
Perth to Brisbane6.81
Melbourne to Sydney-4.10

Routes Showing Biggest Increase in % Terms

When compared to the previous week, the highest increase in demand was from Wagga Wagga to Darwin with and increase of 85.71% while demand for transport from Cairns to Launceston and Townsville to Wagga Wagga experienced increases of 83.33% and 55.56% respectively.

RouteChange (%)
Wagga Wagga to Darwin85.71
Cairns to Launceston83.33
Townsville to Wagga Wagga55.56
Alice Springs to Perth50.00
Perth to Cairns34.52
Darwin to Sydney32.03
Canberra to Launceston27.78
Canberra to Alice Springs23.81
Hobart to Perth23.26
Canberra to Darwin23.15

Routes Showing Biggest Decrease in % Terms

When compared to the previous week, the biggest decrease in demand was seen in car transport from Alice Springs to Hobart with an overall decrease of 41.67%.

Demand for car transport from Brisbane to Wagga Wagga and Melbourne to Alice Springs also saw substantial decreases in demand by 33.33% and 30.63% respectively when compared to the previous week.

RouteChange (%)
Alice Springs to Hobart-41.67
Brisbane to Wagga Wagga-33.33
Melbourne to Alice Springs-30.63
Cairns to Alice Springs-30.00
Adelaide to Hobart-29.89
Darwin to Hobart-29.79
Adelaide to Launceston-28.21
Melbourne to Wagga Wagga-25.00
Canberra to Adelaide-24.72
Townsville to Darwin-23.26