Choosing a Car Carrier for Your Prestige Car

When you’re searching for prestige car transporters online, you most certainly want it to be handled with care and that means you will need to extensively research each and every service provider that you’re considering.

Many vehicle transport companies can most certainly transport common sedans but only a few are able to truly offer the specialist services needed to transport an expensive prestige or collectible car.

So, it really does pay to take the time and compare car transport companies to find the one that best meets your special requirements.

What to Look for in a Prestige Car Carrier

Specialised car transport requires more than just a guy with a truck and trailer.

It takes a service provider that will go the extra mile to ensure that your car remains safe at all times.

For truly unique vehicles, some prestige car transporter will use professional equipment and make frequent stops to check in on your precious vehicle.

Look for a car carrier that is reputable and dependable.

There are many good car transport services companies out there that do an excellent job of transporting your vehicle and, with many choices available, it can be difficult to decide on which one to select

The Internet makes it easy to find great car transport businesses. When starting your research, it’s probably the first place you go to to look for a car carrying company.

There are many to choose from but only some of them will ship unique cars like antique and collector vehicles.

Types of Specialised Vehicles

  • Auto Auction Vehicles: Cars that are purchased from auto auctions, are ideal for specialised transport.
  • Classic Cars: Classic car shipping requires expert execution by professional transport companies.
  • Antique Cars: Vehicles produced prior to 1950 are considered to be antique. Only trust a service provider that has many years of experience shipping rare cars.
  • Exotic Cars: Sports cars, such as Ferraris, are perfect candidates for exotic car shipping services.
  • Show Cars: When it comes to car show transport, only use trusted vehicle shipping companies.
  • Vintage Race Cars: Replicas, NASCAR stock cars, and tributes should use specialised car transport.
  • Luxury Cars: Only use professional luxury car transport companies for those one-of-kind vehicles.

Prestige Vehicle Transport Options

Door to door transport is a service where carriers pick up and deliver your car as close to your preferred location as possible. In addition, door to door service could also mean that your vehicle stays on the same truck during transport.

Open car transport is the cheapest option to ship a car. The open transport method uses multi-car haulers or single-car, flatbed trailers to complete the job. That said, this option is very risky for high-end prestige and custom cars. If you plan on using this option, be sure to take out a full-coverage insurance policy.

Enclosed car transport is the best way to ship an specialised or prestige car. This option offers the most protection from road hazards such as pebbles and other road debris.

Enclosed transport uses smaller trailers that are completely closed off from the open-air. If you are looking for a more personal experience, consider using a service provider that will ship your specialised vehicle in a single-car cargo trailer.

Gain Confidence by Searching for Companies that Have the Experience

Get quotes from a number of companies and compare prices and especially the service that each business offers because you want to be confident of selecting a business which you can depend on to ship your prestige vehicle safely and securely to its place of destination.

Where possible, ensure you’re able to select an enclosed carrier when shipping your vehicle. This will keep it from being exposed to weather and road debris.

It will also keep it safe and secure along the way.

The peace of mind alone might be well worth the additional price you’d pay to get your prized prestige car transported safely in an enclosed carrier. There are many who would say it’s essential when transporting your prize possession.

Preparing Your Prestige Vehicle for Transport

Go over your car and make note of any kind of damage ahead of time on your vehicle.

Your car transport company will complete a Vehicle Condition Report both before and after transportation of your vehicle to ensure it arrives in the same condition as it was shipped.

You want to also note the condition of the inside of the vehicle too.

Remove any personal belongings from your car. Car transport companies will rarely take responsibility for the individual items left inside your car.

Insurance is essential to have on your car. Be sure you fully understand all of the details of any insurance cover before your car is shipped.

Selecting the right car transport company is essential for getting your prestige vehicle shipped in a safe and timely manner.

Research a number of vehicle transport companies prior to selecting one. Ask questions of them to be certain you can obtain the very best possible price and, more importantly, the right level of service you need.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Prestige Vehicle?

Generally, transporting a classic or prestige car should get the same level of service at the same price as any other car.

If you want to ship your car in an enclosed car transporter (as most people with luxury or classic cars do), you will end up paying a little bit extra for that.

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