How to Move Your Cars Interstate?

Whether you’re moving cars interstate as part of your own relocation or transporting a car from interstate, there’s one thing you can be sure of…

Moving cars has become as easy as posting a letter

The truth is, many carriers can move cars interstate – to and from virtually any location in Australia. And, they do this so frequently that it has become safe and reliable.

Here’s what you can expect when your car is transported by a recognised car carrier companies in the country.

Easy Interstate Car Transport

Whilst sometimes it may not look like it, larger car transport companies invest millions of dollars in equipment, processes and procedures. This provides you with the highest safety standards in their operations.

Larger transport companies tend to have depots in all major cities and regional centres throughout Australia.

This means your vehicle stays with the one company and is not being handed over to smaller, unreliable contract providers.

Furthermore, larger carriers are more likely to invest in computerised vehicle tracking systems. If you need to know where you vehicle is at any time, this is absolutely essential.

Also, dealing with a larger carrier, means you’re able to combine metropolitan and interstate line-haul, together with national rail and sometimes even coastal shipping. All through the one company!

This gives you a single source for door-to-doordepot-to-depot shipments and any combination of the two.

Peace of mind can be really important during an otherwise a high-stress time. So, reaching out to a carrier to move a car interstate can help make preparing for relocation interstate so much easier.

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