How to Identify a Reliable Vehicle Transport Company

Finding a reliable car transport company is one of the most important first steps because as you prepare to ship your vehicle across the country, you don’t want to hand your car over to just anybody.

If you want peace of mind when selecting a company to ship your vehicle; to be sure the company you choose treats both you and your vehicle with respect, it’s important to do your research to confirm you’re about to deal with reliable car transport company.

Find Positive Customer Reviews

A reliable carrier company should have good reviews and online ratings.

Read all reviews and make sure they’re informative and tell the good and the bad experiences.

It’s easy to put up a positive review on a web page, so don’t necessarily trust what you read on that company’s website and instead, look to independent review sites such as Product Review and Google for trusted reviews.

Pay with Attention or Pay with Pain

There’s nothing wrong with trying to get a fair price, but if you are receiving a quote that is drastically cheaper than other shipping companies, it could be a sign that the company may not be able to commit to a pickup or delivery date and you may see you vehicle stuck in a depot for prolonged and unexpected periods.

If the price is substantially lower than other comparable quotes, this could be a red flag to pay attention to.

Transportation costs should be pretty similar across the board and may vary by 10% or so.

If your quoted price is substantially lower than their competitors, it may be something to be wary of.

Guaranteed, Upfront Pricing

A reliable vehicle transport company should be able to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate quote that includes all costs associated with the shipment.

Check for hidden fees and charges as sometimes companies will add these without you being aware of it.

To ensure you are getting an accurate quote, make sure it includes the make and model of your vehicle, the distance of the transport and the whether it specifies open or enclosed transport.

Having a Clear Policy Regarding Delays

There are too many factors involved in vehicle transport for a transport company to guarantee a delivery date and in fairness, most companies will bend over backwards to meet your needs.

The truth is, events out of the company’s control such as weather, traffic jams, and road closures will have an unplanned and flow-on effect and that could mean significant impact to you.

Therefore, the company should have a clear policy regarding delays.

While most car transport companies are reliable, you should always do your research just to be sure.

Also, look for these signs when choosing a quality company to transport your vehicle.

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