What to Look for in an Interstate Car Transport Company

Transporting a vehicle interstate is much easier than you might thing.

At Aussie Car Transport we make the process of finding interstate car transport simple and quick, but we realise you might have a few questions regarding how vehicle transport actually works.

We created this (and many other articles about car transport) to help.

Why Even Use a Car Transport Company?

Whether you are moving a car across the country because you’ve found a great deal on a vehicle interstate, moving for work or you’re exhibiting your prestige or classic car, your motivation on the use of vehicle transport will be the same.

Your first inclination might be to drive you car and there are numerous reasons to avoid this and why vehicle transport services are safer; for both you and the car.

You avoid placing wear and tear on your vehicle by using a transport company because, let’s face it, you’re not putting “kilometres on the clock”.

If you’re driving the car, a road trip could be seen as exciting, however the added kilometres can result in sooner-than-expected service and repair bills and who really wants that?

How to Research Car Transport Companies

Searching on the Web has certainly made things easier and you can even ask Google or Siri for the say “the cost of moving a vehicle from Perth to Sydney” or “the best car transport companies in Australia

Start by requesting quotes car transport online and see how easy the companies are to interact with at this early stage of your enquiries.

Don’t be too concerned with giving away your email address in exchange for a quote. In Australia we have a very good Privacy Legislation that works in your favour and prevents companies from “spammy” practices.

What you’d be looking for is transparent pricing policies, communication styles and the ability of the companies to provide you with the information you’re looking for to make an informed decision.

If you’ve never had a vehicle transported in the past, give yourself plenty of time to become familiar with how different companies operate, what they offer and what they don’t.

For example, some companies will offer personal goods transport while others don’t. Similarly, some companies offer insurance while others offer what they refer to as “a warranty”.

Companies are Here to Provide a Service to You!

You need to feel confident that the company you end up dealing with are going to look after you and your vehicle.

“Cheap” often means “cheap” and if a budget price is what you’re looking for then also recognise that a premium or prestige service is unlikely to come with that.

After you’ve received quotes from a variety of companies and eliminated those that you’re not interested in dealing with, evaluate those remaining by calling them up.

Here are some question you might want to ask:

  • Do you provide door-to-door service?
  • Is your quote for open of enclosed transport?
  • What sort of insurance do you offer?
  • Am I able to track my car during its travel?
  • What are my options in regards to timing of my pickup and delivery?
  • What additional charges could there be?
  • What makes you the ideal company to use? (When compared to the other options you’re investigating)

Note: Be sure to record the name of the person you’re speaking with. It can become very useful if you have more questions down the track and you want to speak with that person again.

If you’re not completely “sold” on the company or encounter someone with a less than excellent attitude, drop them to the bottom of the list because it is likely that you’re experiencing a “cultural virus” rather than a bad egg.

Questions about vehicle transport insurance

Don't Select a Company on Price Alone

Car transport operators have a business to run and, like with all businesses, there are costs.

From salaries and equipment leasing to depot and infrastructure costs, it cost many tens of thousands of dollars per week just to keep a small operation “alive”. So…

Car transport is a capital intensive business operating on very slim margins when compared to other industries.

Sure, in some cases, the cost of transporting a car can be ridiculously expensive (and there are reasons for that) but at the same time, by using a transport company rather than driving it, you’re likely to be saving on:

  • Food;
  • Fuel;
  • Tolls;
  • Accommodation;
  • Wear and tear on the vehicle; and
  • Other unforeseen expenses

When you actually compare the price of car transport to the expense of a road trip, car transport is often the less expensive option.

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