How to Decide On the Right Car Carrier

With so many different car carrying companies out there, how do you decide which one to trust with your vehicle?

Next to homes, cars are the biggest single purchase people make so its important that the transporter handles your vehicle with care.

When looking into vehicle transport, there are a number of different things that you’ll need to take into consideration.

Is Your Car Carrier Licensed?

You might take it for granted that your chosen car carrier is licensed, but don’t.

Intrastate moves may not be such an issue, but if you’re moving from one state to another, check the automobile moving company’s licensing.

Transport drivers have to be licensed in each state they travel through. If you’re expecting your car to be delivered by a certain date, your car carrier might not be able to deliver.

Is Your Car Carrier Insured?

If your car transport business tells you that you’re covered by your standard car insurance, be suspicious.

Many car transporters fail to mention insurance and often deceive you into accepting a quote that seems to be too good to be true.

Worst still, it’s only when your car is picked up that the advise you of the additional insurance possibilities.

Be sure to ask and confirm if there’s some form insurance policy available with your car transport quote before deciding upon a car carrier.

Know Your Preferred Mode of Transport

Car carriers offer different types of services and some may offer more than others. Know which type of car transport service you need and check if the company offers it.

Consider your budget, time frame and other requirements that may be specific to the type of car you wish to transport.

Some carriers, for example, may only offer terminal-to-terminal delivery which may require you to find another company to complete the transport to a specific address.

Decide on Open or Closed Transport

Open transport moves vehicles usually on flatbed trailers or trucks.

The advantage to using an open transport system is that it allows for more cars to be moved at one time. It saves time, is quite efficient and cheaper.

It does, however, expose the vehicles to the elements during transport. This includes wind, rain, dust, snow, hail and ice.

Closed transport, on the other hand, offers protection since it uses enclosed trucks to move the cars. It does provide transport for a limited number of cars for every truckload and is more expensive than an open auto transport system.

Does Your Auto Transport Offer Guaranteed Delivery?

The truth is, while most car carriers promise to deliver within a particular time frame, they don’t guarantee a delivery date.

Be sure you understand what the car carrier is committing to and get everything in writing.

If possible, have the owner or manager guarantee a time frame for the delivery – say 9 days – and put it in writing.

Road construction, weather problems, even that they give preferential treatment to car companies can cause delays in your car delivery. If your guarantee isn’t in writing, you can get hit with storage charges if there is a delay.

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