What’s the Best Way to Move My Wheels from Melbourne to Sydney

Next to purchasing a home, your wheels are, for many, the highest investment they will make. And, if you’re considering moving your wheels across a long distance there’s a few things you can do to reduce the stress.

It could be you are moving from Melbourne to Sydney, or you’re starting a new business opportunity that cars to be transferred between the two cities. Whatever the case, the process of interstate car transport can raise a lot of questions and sometimes, the car transport companies are unable (or unwilling) to give you a direct answer. 

As there are a variety of options available to you, it’s important to figure out which of them is the best option for you. Along with the obvious questions of who’s going to do it and how it will be done, there are also technical processes to consider when moving a car. 

Best way to move my wheels

Should You Do It Yourself or Contract it to a Carrier?

Moving can be a hassle.

Add on the hundreds of kilometres to cover, the time required to do it and, well, there’s a few less worries you can do without.

The question still remains though, even if it’s just the car you want to get to another place.

Should you drive yourself or get a car transport company to do it on your behalf?

And, if you do decide to go with a carrier, which car transport companies should you avoid right now.

Driving the car yourself might appear to be the most straightforward option on the surface.

Certainly short distances makes sense but the almost 900km between Melbourne and Sydney may present a challenge if you’re not already used to driving long distances.

It’s not just the time involved in driving.

The resulting fatigue can cost you a lot in terms of time at the other end.

There’s also a direct cost involved in fuel.

According to the last Survey of Motor Vehicle Use by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average fuel consumption for a passenger vehicle was 11.1 litres per 100 kms.

As current petrol prices continue to rise, the cost of fuel alone to move your wheels from Melbourne to Sydney could well be in excess of $200.

Also consider the wear and tear on the vehicle and the potential cost of repairs should something break down. These are all factors you need to weigh up when making your choice. 

When taking into account the true cost, in most cases you’re better off hiring a car transporter to make the move for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car from Melbourne to Sydney?

Not all cars are the same. They differ in size and shape, which determines how much you pay. 

Smaller cars cost less to transport compared to larger SUVs, vans, or vintage vehicles.

Taking this into account, it may cost you anywhere from around $300 to $600 to move your wheels from Melbourne to Sydney.

If using a larger company that operates depots, you may find a door collection or delivery will cost you an additional amount compared to utilising a depot service. Smaller companies that don’t have the depot infrastructure will often less expensive than their larger counterparts.

If choosing depot-to-depot services, you should also also consider the cost of getting to and from the depot (i.e. Taxi fare).

How Long Does It Take to Transport a Car from Melbourne to Sydney?

The time taken to deliver your wheels from Melbourne to Sydney is anywhere from 3 to 6 days. Similar to the cost of transporting your car, the delivery duration is dependent on several factors. 

Among them is the kind of service you choose.

For critical delivery dates, some carriers are able to offer a guaranteed delivery services. 

This ensures that your vehicle will be delivered on the exact date that you require – some even going so far as to offer a a money-back guarantee if they’re not able to.

Want to Know the Cost to Move Your Wheels?

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